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"Resort living in an urban setting"
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Resort living in an urban setting."   In the beginning there were white golf carts darting around catering to new residents and perspective buyers.  For many reasons, including  the  lack of trees at the time, the units were  inexpensive:   $28,000  for  one  bedrooms,  $38,000  for  two bedrooms,  and  $48,000  for  three  bedrooms.  The maintenance fees then  were $30, $40, and  $50 each month.  Now, of course, a wall of trees and flowering undergrowth shield the Complex from the freeway and filter the air, creating an easily accessed oasis perched on the side of the hill, just two minutes from the new "Hollywood," and within quick and easy access  to  the  many  film  and  television studios (click here, or on the Historic Cahuenga Pass  link to the left).  The Complex  is  constantly  undergoing capital  improvements, and  is like a  small  island  community  in  the  middle  of  the  famed  Cahuenga  Pass,  just over the hill from Lake Hollywood.  The   community   prides   itself   on   its neighborliness  and  diversity.  
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Onsite Security can be reached at:    323-404-4825

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        • Rules & Regulations (Now listed under Rules & Regs at the left
        • Agenda for Thursday, June 27, 2019
        • Building Link info
        • Board Meeting Minutes
        • October Financials (HOA Section)
        • Teri's Piano
        • Minutes from October 25th Exec Board Meeting
        • John Hafner's pic of Lake Hollywood
        • New pool fountain!
        • Coyotes roaming the propety
        • New Parking Tags / TOWING
        • Current Proof of Insurance Tab #4 In "For Homeowners" section (password required)
        • Securitas: Officers Schedule under TAB #6 in
        • Andrew Longs beautiful pictures from Terracotta Trail
        • Fire
        • Security
        • Wonderful video from the top of    Terracotta Trail -- Video AND PICs!
        • Latest version of proposed CHTC Health Club
        • Designated Smoking Areas
        • Latest on Ford Theater renewal
        • Insurance Info: Tab #2 in HOA Section
        • Incorporation papers (in HOA Sec)
        • Activities Report & Summer "Lecture"
        • Some possibly helpful numbers

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