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Task Tracking

Throw away your clipboards!

BuildingLink allows you to quickly store and retrieve information that helps your building run better, including resident data (i.e. emergency contacts, pets, parking spaces, sublet tenant info, verified signatures), apartment data (appliance serial#s, last painted date) or data about building events (i.e. repairs and scheduled maintenance, visitors and contractors, received packages, parts and supplies used). The BuildingLink system provides you with instant access to historical data with a single click. You will no longer waste valuable time searching for important pieces of information scattered among various files or cluttered storage places. Useful summary reports also let you identify emerging trends (i.e. a sudden increase in certain types of repairs) and make better decisions.

Features that enhance Task Tracking and Record Keeping:

Package Tracking

Track packages, dry-cleaning, laundry, keys and other deliveries for your residents. Save time by entering multiple packages at once for UPS, FedEx and other deliveries.

Key Tracking

Organize and secure your residentsā€™ keys via an intuitive, touch-screen interface with our proprietary KeyLink by BuildingLinkĀ® computerized key security system.

Maintenance Work Orders

Enter work orders and document any changes or charges pertaining to each request, keeping your residents in the loop with automatic notifications. Assign employees to each task. Generate detailed maintenance reports and charts to track trends.

Visitor Permissions and Staff Instructions

Enter, receive, expire and track permissions-to-enter instructions using numerous customizable instruction types (permanent, temporary, housekeeper/dogwalker/nanny, etc.). Upload photos and information for recurring guests and visitors. Post instructions for your staff on their homepage, so that they appear prominently upon logging in.

Resident Profiles, Unit Profiles, Custom Fields

From any screen, quickly access an "online file" for any unit or occupant. Bring up a single screen that shows all current information pertaining to that unit: contact information, outstanding repairs, amenity reservations, permissions-to-enter and packages awaiting pick up. Customize the building database by adding unlimited unit-specific or occupant-specific data fields (i.e. size/sq. ft., balcony inspection date, number of pets, lease end dates, parking spaces, birthday, fitness center membership, etc.).

Document Library

Post library documents and create customized categories for them. Create rules for who can view documents in each category with a single click (owners, subtenants, guests, board, front desk or maintenance staff.). Upload apartment-specific documents (such as lease documents, signed waivers, and appliance manuals) and associate them with a particular occupant, owner or physical unit.

Amenity Reservations

Track and approve/decline resident requests for amenities like Move-In/Move-Out times, resident lounges, carpet cleaner services, etc. Set customizable scheduling guidelines and resident instructions for each amenity.

Building-Wide Calendar

Create and maintain a building event calendar for events, meetings, or appointments (i.e. broker visits, social events etc.). Generate multiple event categories and set viewing and updating permissions for who can access each category (i.e. staff, residents, or board). Schedule recurring events, such as routine inspections or board meetings.

Asset Tracking

Track appliances, rental items, storages spaces, parking spots and more.

Management Analytics

Get answers to your most important questions with informative reports and graphs.

Employee Management

Choose different access levels for your employees that control what they can see and do in BuildingLink. Manage work schedules, track log-in times, and pull reports on Employee Activity. Create an employee photo directory that can be displayed to residents.

Parking Spaces and Vehicle Management

Store and manage vehicle data such as parking space locations and garage tag ticket numbers. Search by apartment, license plate number, parking location, and more. Plus, view each unit's vehicle data on the unit profile screen.

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