Bulletin Board

We are happy to introduce our new Councilperson, Nithya Raman, while we offer gratitude to David Ryu for his contributions to our community.

Thank you, David!

Welcome Nithya!  

Nithya is an urban planner and co-founder of the outreach organization SELAH Neighborhood Homeless Coalition. Prior to running for office she was the executive director of Time's Up Entertainment. (Read Raman's full biography on her campaign website:  https://www.nithyaforthecity.com/meet-nithya)

Building Link

Don't forget our management device (administered by Ross Morgan Co) which streamlines management services for Residents.  It is called Building Link, and you can read about it at the following site:

Payoff at the end of Terracotta Trail

John Hafner has reminded us of one of the Complex's great gifts.   The Terracotta Trail starts on the east end of Building 3 and not only winds around the back of the Complex (with stunning views), but branches off to the top of the hill overlooking Lake Hollywood and the City of LA.  Here is John's recent picture:

New Pool Fountain

Years ago the Police Department told us that the complexes with the sound of running water, for some reason, had fewer calls and less drama.  Here it is (Thomas Dickerson's beautiful pic):

BEWARE:  There are hungry coyotes roaming the property!


Starting on January 20th any vehicles without a parking tag displayed will be TOWED, whether in a deeded space or in guest parking.  Please go to the office for a new parking tag ASAP.  At the January 25th Board meeting we will discuss how to deal with obviously stored cars.

Andrew Long's Pictures from Terracotta Trail


Many Residents have expressed gratitude both to the Fire Department and our Staff for their efforts during the recent hillside fire.   Since May the Staff has been clearing brush in a 200 foot swathe around the back of the Complex.  The lead Fire team was from our station, Station 76 on Cahuenga West just south of Barham.  This and the new hiking trails both contributed to putting the fire out quickly.   Here is a thankful Facebook post: 


We're happy to report that since Citiguard has been serving our community there have been no security breeches.   For a moment we thought a storage cabinet had been broken into, but it seems that the Crew discovered a leak behind the cabinet and had to break the lock to enter.   The lock is being replaced and the leak is fixed. 

The Crew will begin preparation of the new Guard Shack site outside of our gates this coming week, and we are considering adding more cameras to parking areas so that the officer can watch activity in those areas even while on duty in the shack.  For the moment, until the shack is completed, the Management Office serves after hours as a Security Office, and, of course, the Officer is always reachable at 323-404-4826


Dear CHTC Residents: The Board and Management are pleased to announce that we have hired FULL TIME SECURITY for the property, Securitas is by far best among the many we interviewed, and is highly regarded in the industry.   Once again, we want to thank Universal/Comcast for providing the materials for our new GUARD SHACK at front gate. The shack has video monitors like in the office, and eventually the cameras on the entrance and exit will be broadcast to everyone's unit.  More updates on this when it is near. We have added cameras to all garages and are in the process of laying wire to transmit the images to the Shack so that even when monitoring the front gate Officers will have a visual on garage activities. 

Securitas will:

            1.  Enforce all general Rules & Regulations of the Association and respond to emergencies
            2.  Package service around the clock from the office
            3.  Schedules walkthrus of the property
            4.  Enforcement of parking
            5.  Maintenance of a security log and a full Resident Information Log
            6.  Will be generally stationed in the Guard Shack at the entrance to monitor cars coming in and out, making sure everyone enters by clicker or gate phone.
            7.  Will monitor all deliveries at the gate: pizza, Uber, etc., and will call units to announce the delivery arrival
            8.  Nightly lockup of all doors including the small rec room and the sun deck
Will give entrance from the gate to fire and police officers
            10. Will be available to all homeowners by Association Cell Phone (noise, smoke, leaks, etc): 



Transportation, Parking, and  Security

You might be interested in the Board's discussion about increased security at Cahuenga Hills.  So far we have committed to continuing to add security cameras on the property, and to a re-keying of all common area locks, adding new ones in specified places.  A newly formed committee, the Transportation, Parking and Security Committee, is looking into solutions to these three areas which are interrelated. Members of the TPS Committee are Zack Graham, Arielle Jayme, and Andrew Long.  Chief among their considerations are the organization of a parking program so that we know who is legally on the property and who is not, and can limit the number of cars present, too many of which are stored in our limited spaces.   Also for their  consideration is the rebuilding our Guard Shack at the front entrance and the hiring of a full time security presence.  This would probably, depending on the findings of the TPS Committee, require a minimal dues raise or a minimal yearly assessment, depending on the Boards appraisal after seeing the Committee's recommendations.   Transportation enters the picture because we are having to deal with Universal regarding their new additions which exacerbate traffic, and appreciate the input of Members outside of the Board on these issues.  It would help if all Residents who are  interested would make it known to Board Members, Committee Members, or Management what you feel about parking and security.....and Universal.

Terra-cotta Trail Video
This is part of the PAYOFF at the top of our trails:

Our Staff has been working very hard on the new and improved trails in back of our Complex, which now run from Building #3, over the hill and down to Building #4, and which will eventually wind back and up to the top of the ridge overlooking Lake Hollywood. (See pic below of the part of the PAYOFF view!) This afternoon I met with the Head of the Ford Theater, head of their "trail project,"  and members of their Improvement Project which will be happening over the next few years.  They just received a grant to create extensive hiking trails on the property, which wind back and forth through their land, around the cross, and including to the top of the hill overlooking the Lake.  Eventually the Ford will be installing gates at each end of the trail, and signs announcing that the trails will be open from sunrise until sunset.  They have expressed an interest in joining the trails to ours and sharing design ideas.  The Board will discuss the advisability of this at coming meetings.  BIG THANKS TO EVERYONE INVOLVED!

Link to trail video:


Latest Version of Proposed CHTC Health Club

Security Cameras

If you look carefully you will notice that little by little security cameras are being added to common areas (lobby mailboxs, the office package area, rec room, guest parking, gates). So far we have 12 and will continue to add more.

This is the new Pump House that our crew built behind Building #3, from scratch!  They are talented guys!

Designated Smoking Areas Approved
The Board has approved several outside areas where smoking will be allowed.  These may change if there are complaints, or if the areas are not maintained, and others may be approved, but for now Ramos has been instructed to put seating, ashtrays, signs and possibly umbrellas in the following areas:

1.  The area behind the fountain park at the end of the main parking area, or IN the fountain park as long as it isn't trashed. 
2.  The corner of the loading zone in front of Building #1 where the recycling used to be (just an ashtray).

3.  The large concrete steps on the east side of the tennis courts.

4.  The area behind the retaining wall at the end of the G2 parking level (at the top of the stairs to the right, behind the wall (a nice area where Ramos will put a table and chairs, an umbrella, an ashtray and a sign.


 Elevators, Gates, Pool Furniture & Security

Elevator:   Some of you have noticed that 1.  the Building #2 front elevator was out of service for a long time, and 2. It is now working!   The elevators are very old,   and there will come a time when they have to be replaced.   The problem this time was a worn out relay, a part that unfortunately was not readily available.   It took Amtech a long time to get the part, but in the process they ordered many of them for future failures.   Just before they finally found the parts we were given a bid of $50,000 to modernize the one elevator.   Being patient was a good thing, and for now has saved us a bundle.  Thanks for hanging in there with us.  

Gate: Also out of service for a while and now back in service!   After continued efforts to repair the gate it became obvious that we needed to buy a new motor altogether.  Please remember that we cannot sell this Complex as a "security" complex as that would increase Homeowner liability.  Our efforts are to "deter," but each Resident must take normal precautions:  locked doors, even cameras and alarms if desired. 

Pool Furniture:  We are replacing the lounges and chairs at both pools.  We have found inexpensive furniture  which we hope will last a few seasons.  Ramos is purchasing it this week, and will put it in storage until Memorial Day......when......

Security:  Starts in 8-hour shifts from Memorial Day until Labor Day.  The security officer will enforce the Association Rules & Regulations, e.g. no glass containers at the pool, no more than five guests per unit in common areas, no smoking or loud music in common areas, etc.

All of the repairs and replacements take a lot of searching and consideration.  We are required by the governing documents to procure at least three bids for pricy items, and these have to be discussed in Executive Session at a scheduled meeting of the Board, and the best bid chosen by majority vote.  So, sometimes decisions seem to move at a snail's pace.  Nothing we can do about it!


Our great crew has made a new walkway at the end of Building #1 after adding draina

Ford Theater Redo

There is an extensive renovation and expansion of the Ford Theater making its way through the processes. 
We have received a "Notice of Environmental Impact" packet from the City about this massive rebuild and improvements.  There will be a public meeting to hear about and discuss this on February 18th AT THE THEATER FROM 7 TO 9 PM.  I'll try to go to this and maybe some of you could join me?  They will be tearing down the "motel" and building another, much larger structure.  They will also be increasing the size of the amphitheater and adding other buildings.  In all they will be adding 96,300 square feet.....a LOT!  Office space, parking structure, plaza, concessions, another smaller theater, restaurant, conference rooms, offices, museum, transit center, and hiking trails.

I think this will add much more traffic to the area and we might think about what other complaints we might have, and they might offer us to mitigate these intrusions:  sidewalks? 

It occurred to me that they might be interested in buying a piece of land from us since we own between our building 4 all the way to their driveway?


Our men are continuously doing things above and beyond their job description.  Here they are cleaning, painting and repairing the tennis court lights:


We have signed a contract with a new trash removal company, Athens Services.   The monthly cost is less, the services that will be provided are more, they will give us new removal containers, and clean the chutes and collection rooms regularly.  For the Residents in Building #1 they have promised to work out a schedule of removal that does not cause noise in the early mornings.  There will be "No fuel surcharges, no  administrative fees and no environmental fees."   The blue recycling containers located strategically around the Complex will no longer be needed.  Why? Because Athens sorts and recycles all trash at their facility after it is taken away.  Here is their promise:

Smoking Letter & Recent Concerns

Smoking on balconies is NOT allowed unless you are in an area where it does not affect other Residents (i.e. on a third floor) Be aware that smoking on your balcony is filling someone elses unit with your second-hand smoke. As with other infractions, unheeded complaints will lead to letters, then hearings, then fines, and then attorney's bills & property liens.  Be considerate!


Pool Parties, Etc.

Summer is always an active time in the common areas.  Remember:  It is the Board's and the Manager's responsibility to ensure that Residents adhere to the Rules & Regulations. This requires restraint and consideration on the part of those of you who feel entitled to invite large numbers of friends to party there.  The right to peace and quiet extends to all common areas and to the units affected by being adjacent to common areas.

Recently we have witnesses a growing level of disregard for the rights of others: 

    ---pets in recreation areas (even swimming in the pool)

    ---glass containers (forbidden by California Civil Code as well as our documents)            ---harmful substances in the jacuzzi and pool
    ---destroyed furniture
    ---overflowing garbage
    ---loud boisterous behavior,
    ---and a general disregard for the rights and investments of neighbors and the                  property. 

THIS PROPERTY, INCLUDING THE COMMON AREAS, REPRESENTS A MAJOR INVESTMENT for most Homeowners, and keeping it maintained properly is becoming a major concern.   This is NOT an apartment building.  It is NOT a rental property.   There are 173 individually owned condominium homes  on 15 acres of mid-city prime property.

Let's try to be good, responsible citizens and good custodians!!!!

People Climbing Over the Pool Gates After Hours
Today we did a walkthru with Frye's Electronics in an effort to come up with affordable camera surveillance. This was in response to continuing problems with late night revelers in the common areas, but also to deal with vandalism and use of the common facilities by non-residents.
Here is the posted letter on the pool gates:
  • is court.  It must be used where it is placed or it will be permanently removed.

Building Cleaning & Balcony Repair
and Other Information!!!

The men have now moved the scissor lift to Building #1 and are starting to wash the building and to repair and repaint the trim and patio railings on that building. It will occasionally be necessary to have access to your balconies to do the job. All hanging pots, storage containers, etc. should be removed from the balcony to facilitate this work. If you have a tall storage box on your balcony, that is against the rules anyway, and must be moved to your parking space or some other allowed location.

During this process they will also take a day or so to pressure wash and paint the outside retaining wall along Cahuenga Boulevard, and will clean, paint, and repair the tennis court lights.

FYI:  We are also keeping our eyes open for a good price on new pool furniture.  Help us!!!!!

All of this in preparation for a fast approaching summer season.

The April Board Meeting will soon be announced, but as a heads-up we will be discussing, among other things,  a possible gym expansion, the continuing plumbing repairs, the bridge rebuild, the purchase of a camera system for common areas, and possible securing for the summer season. 


We have recently had a problem with homeless folks sleeping on our ROOFS!!!
Aside from the fact that this is dangerous, it has resulted in large numbers of tiles being broken.  These tiles have now been fixed.  To stop people from going onto the roof we are beginning to install alarms on the doors, and will continue to do so, two each month, until all roof doors are alarmed.  These doors are not locked as that would be against fire regulations, but the alarms are doing the trick.  They are loud and attention-getting.  On roofs where there are cellular installations it is possible that the companies will pay for the alarm systems.   Rigo, Ramos, and nearby Homeowners have keys to reset the alarms when they are activated.

Here's a pic I took in 1982!

Some pictures of Building #2 after the crew pressured washed and painted: