CC & R's

March 3, 2011

       A copy of the old CC & Rs can be seen under "For Homeowners & Residents," Tab #8.  Read below for info about upcoming vote on new set of CC & Rs:

Dear Homeowners: 
The Board has spent in excess of $10,000 over the past few years researching and improving your governing documents, the CC&R’s.  The ones now in effect are not only seriously out of date (written in 1974), they tie the Boards hands while trying to effectively oversee management and governance of your Association.  We asked with ample time allowed that you cast a vote to either accept or reject the new set of documents.  There was in the interim a meeting held in November  which many of you attended to ask questions and offer amendments.  Those were implemented immediately and we offered you a final vote on an amended, very studied, well-written and comprehensive set of documents.  Unfortunately, not enough of you returned your self-addressed, stamped envelopes with votes to meet the two-thirds majority (116) required for them to be counted.  In an effort to determine the community’s sentiment we opened those that WERE sent at the meeting on January 25th.   It turns out that an overwhelming majority of those who DID vote favored the adoption of the new documents.

We are going to start the process again.  Please!!!!!  The same set of documents will be arriving soon in a self-addressed, stamped envelope for another round of voting.  Just check one of the two boxes “ACCEPT” or “DO NOT ACCEPT” ----- slip them into the mail or drop them through the office mail slot.  We need 116 votes returned for the vote to be counted, and 116 in favor for them to be adopted.

If you have a problem with any specific portion of the documents, please feel free to show them to a professional of your choice, or discuss the concern with a Board Member. 

CHTC Board of Directors