Latest Board Walkthru Inspection

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Walkthru NOTES

NAME:_____Wesley & Rod___________


These are SUGGESTED changes.  The Board should add personal notes and concerns, decide on priorities, and designate with an asterisk.

Note to the manager. Please arrange for the completion of the following improvements and repairs, and report back to the board as Items are completed.

Building #3:

    First floor:
        glue chip on 4th step down from top elevator landing          ______     
        east end bottom stair well stucco patch                ______
        east end back side stairwell replace sensor light        ______
                      repair poolheATERS
    Second floor

    Third floor

        3307 - outside top rail cut section and replace 2-3 feet
             where eaten by termites                    ______
        patch rail across from garbage chute and paint            ______
        2 by 4 front of 3302-3303 by rain gutter cut and seal, treat
             termites                            ______
        east stairwell top landing take rail off and top with piece of
             2 x 8                                ______
        paint brown trim under eaves and all outside where
            possible -- ongoing                        ______


            pressure wash parking spaces with detergent        ______
            close small doors with twist latch but first make

                                 SURE no cats under stucco patch throughout    ______
            across from space 194 driveway cement patch         ______

        Pool area
            replace fence with planned planter and wrought iron,
            stain pool deck, small 2 or 3 tier fountain in garden    ______
            clean dead leaves off of palms where possible        ______
            make any necessary repairs to pump room, east
            end walls                                   ______
        Pump room

        stand on third floor and check balcony rails, plan
        repair where needed                                     ______
        looking down from top elevator level notice where bridge
        roof meets building. Add flashing and replace/add tiles, remove
               cigarette package from roof                           ______

        Replace broken tiles throughout.                    ______
        West end roof landing remove rails and add single piece
        of 2 x 8 rail instead.                                   ______
        Evaluate vents to right of landing (bent and possible
         source of leaks)                                    ______

    Balconies:  check all for paint and repair,  especially 3106, 3105 etc._

Building #2:

    First floor:  evaluate problems on all first floor large patios        ______

    Second floor

        Replace do signs on post under walkway                ______
        Repair rail front of 2203                        ______
Third floor

        Rail repair top of hill entryway 2306                    ______
        top stair well by 2302 CLEAN and repair rot, seal and
        replace abov e stair     on roof, light bulb at top  stairwell #4                            ______
                      paint outside walk rail front of 2308
        stairwell in center of building (#3?) top landing check door
        for replacement, put 2 x 8 on top of rails, check for
               broken roof tiles east stairwell top, paint rail, check tiles, light bulb,                                                                    j                     add light  cover at top of well and switch covers            ______






        Lime Away? added to pressure wash to remove white
             mineral stains on roof(protect or remove cars?)        ______   
        Leak front of space 35 front of spaces 43 to 46 scrape
            paint with wire brush and paint                ______
        Add rocks to level front of 43/44                    ______


        Patch plaster over planting and STRONGLY SUGGEST
                   evaluating June  Jordan’s patio for major repairs,  rot
            and termites in  main support  beams on front and back         

                     Replace existing drain cover with new brass rounded drain covers.    ______
        Planter boxes in parking are rotting and breaking, buy blocks
            and enlarge 6 inches beyond base on each side, add
             new dirt, remove existing wooden sides            ______
        reset parking stops where crooked or off attachments
        repaint exterior wood  trim outside of windows in elevator
             walkways west of large patios                ______
        check room with new drywall behind spaces 129 / 130. 
            replace rotted 2 x  4s that may provide support and                      reinstall drywall                        ______
        Add Brass nozzle to hose by G-2 garbage room, hit gently with
            hammer after  screwing on so that it cannot be
            removed and stolen .

                       Where ever “KD” is found  on wood it means that the termite                   inspectors found treated for termites and wood needs replacement    ______



        fire road --- concrete repair                        ______
         clean drain at top by upper exit to G-1 on the right as exit    ______
        repair side rail in fire road top freeway side            ______
        add pooper scooper and small can (hidden in greenery) at
        dog area west  end of building two at fire road        ______

Building #1:

    First floor:

        in back of building under repaired bridge add ivy to cover dirt    ______
        brown wall at bottom of stairwell?  finish or repaint stucco
            color?                                ______
        paint patch lines that are raw concrete color            ______

    Second floor

    Third and fourth floors

        east stairwell top remove railing and replace with 2 x 8
            paint brown                            ______
        bridge in back --- two levels ---- add drains where water
            pools                                ______
        paint east stairwell rail                        ______
        clean small piles of dirt off of roof                    ______
        check stairwell roofs for pine needles                ______

    Parking  Evaluate resurfacing and root damage                ______
    Outside:  have Rigo repaint all stamped concrete, especially in
             front of pool area                            ______


    Rec Room and common areas:

        Rec Room

            all switch covers should be painted color of wall, not
            dark brown which  emphasizes them,        ______
            shampoo and spot clean carpet,and/or  replace
            bad areas                        ______
            no musiic? Fix or repace radio in office store room and tie into main line.              ______


            new flooring, clean mirrors daily, eliminate unused
                equipment, new treadmill?                ______

        Men’s sauna
            alter brown paint on back wall?                ______
            add protector cages to lights in sauna            ______
            clean control panel
            remover wood on walls and add new fragrant wood,
             research                        ______
            treat floor in sauna (change shower area to match?)    ______
            replace carpet                        ______
            fix sink cupboard doors (new cabinet)            ______

        Lady’s sauna

            remove  2 x 4 leg and replace with wrought iron!        ______

        Pool area
            light off in pool                        ______
            lesson light in Red Bull machine                ______
            make sure all hillside lights above pool and
            behind carport are working and lighting the
            hillside                            ______

            FIX    PRIORITY                        ______
            Attach rail meanwhile                        ______


        Uncovered parking

        Landscape lightning

            check all lights outside                    ______
            light on tree  left of entrance to main  guest parking is off    ______   
            add lights to oak at entrance?                ______

        Tennis court

        Outside covered parking


            check blue tarps on balconies over pool area and get
            time frame for  removal                ______

Building #4:

    First floor:
        dog walk balcony 4117 “KD” designation, replace and paint    ______
        hide cables from dish on back side of patio of 4101        ______
    Rec Room & ping pong deck

        paint wood trim on elevator under outside front and back        ______
        stairs from front of Building 4 to tennis courts, level with
        concrete so does no  pool and add drain if necessary    ______

        check meter room for repairs below 4001

    Dog walk area
        replace light at southwest entrance with sensitivity light        ______
        check stairs for stucco repair on second? level top stair?        ______

    Back walkway

        reinforce fences until replacement                    ______


    Second floor: AND ALL FLOORS, deoderizers outside of
        garbage chute rooms and in elevators, set to emit
        smell only once in a while, not every few seconds        ______

    Third floor

    Parking garage


        Frog Park

            broken sprinkler (check front sprinklers, water running
            down driveway  when on)                ______

        West garden

        Dog run

        Back walkway and gardens

        East end

        Fire road

    Elevator’s & lobbies


        Entrance 2 
                         paint inside of elevator door and add kick plate     ______

        Entrance 3


    Sun deck

        repair light fixture on front behind chimney with strong glue so
        doesn’t hang                            ______


    uncap sprinklers on small garden patch at east end to let water drip
    and save green, plant hanging vine at drip site to
    hang over wall?                        ______

Miscellaneous NOTES

    Building #3:  Repair east end wall to meet wrought iron fense
        as installed                                ______
    Building #2:  If repair of large patios is costly it should be shared
        with owner of unit                            ______
    Building #1:  Have pool man clean all tiles around pool above
        water level to remove stains.

          Get bids on reactivating the gate camera.                    ______